Google Sheets Integration With Interakt Track APIs

Hello friends, In this article, I am going to write about how to integrate Google Script and Interakt Track APIs. But before I start, Let’s take a look at what Interakt is and its usage.

Google Sheets Integration With Interakt Track APIs

Interakt and its Usage

Interakt is a whatsapp business API solution provider which is used by most of the businesses to automate messaging with their customers. We can say that Interakt is a whatsapp marketing tool that helps business owners to boost their sales. We can simply connect whatsapp business API and your e-commerce site that were created on shopify, woocommerce, etc...

Here are some usages of Interakt -

  • Automatic Whatsapp message to customers.
  • Auto-Replies on messages.
  • Send bulk messages to whatsapp users.
  • Analyse your customer's chats.
  • Create a bulk catalogue on whatsapp through your website.
  • How to Connect Google Sheets to Interakt Track API

    Interakt provides an API Key to create users and update events in its dashboard. By using Interakt API we can connect it to google sheets script and update users details in the interakt dashboard.

    In this article, we learn about how to create users and update their details by Interakt Track API. There are two types of Interakt APIs are available :

    -User Track API : To create a new user and add their traits ( users attribute ) in Interakt Dashboard.

    -Event track API : To update users' events in the dashboard.

    We use Interakt Track API documentation - to create our script in Google Script.

    Steps to Integrate Google Sheets and Interakt

    Step - 1: Creating Sheet and adding user details

    First of all, we create a new google sheet and add user details in a row. (See Image)

    Interakt User Details

    Step - 2: Creating Project in GooleApps Script

    Now go to Extensions > Apps Script, A new tab will open of google script untitled project. Save this project with the name Interakt Integration.

    Step - 3: Get the Interakt API

    To integrate with Google sheets and Interakt we need the API key from Interakt . To get the API key login to your Interakt dashboard and go to Setting > Developer Setting > Secret Key. Copy the Secret API Key.

    Interakt API Key

    Step - 4: Writing Google Script To Connect with Interakt

    You should have a basic knowledge of google script to understand the script. Here is the script to send HTTP request to Interakt dashboard by its API. Replace YOUR_API_KEY with the your Interakt Secret API key.

    function adduser() {

    var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getActiveSheet()
    var userid = sheet.getRange(21).getValue();
    var countrycode = sheet.getRange(22).getValue();
    var phoneNumber = sheet.getRange(23).getValue();
    var name = sheet.getRange(24).getValue();
    var email = sheet.getRange(25).getValue(); 
    var product_name = sheet.getRange(26).getValue();
    var orderValue = sheet.getRange(27).getValue();

    var header = {
    "Authorization""Basic YOUR_API_KEY"

    var payload = JSON.stringify({
    "traits": {

    var options = {
      "method" : "POST",
      "headers" : header,

    response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(''options);
    json_response = JSON.parse(response)

    Step - 5: Save and Run The Script

    Now save your script. An adduser function will be created in Script. Click on Run to start the execution of the function. Google Script asks you to review the permissions. Give access to the script. After this function will run and your result will appear in Execution Log.

    Google Script Execution Log

    In this article, I have written a Google script for adding users and their traits in Interakt Dashboard. You can copy this script and create your own script for your application.

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