How to export google analytics data to Google BigQuery ?

How to export google analytics data to Google BigQuery ?

In this article I am going to write about how to export your google analytics data to google bigquery ? But before we start, we should have known why we require to export the data into google bigquery?

Why to export data in Google BigQuery ?

If you are running a website and doing multiple things with it. For example you have an E-commerce brand website and you sell products on it. You receive online orders that are recorded in your google analytics account. But there is a problem that google analytics missed some orders then you have to manually tally your revenue in Google Sheets or Excel. You also do a lot of advertisements on multiple platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Offline marketing Etc..

Then you have to analyze all of your expenses and revenue on a single dashboard. So If you want to do a deeper analysis of your data then you have to export your data into Google BigQuery.

Prerequisites For Export Data Into BigQuery

GA4 Google Analytics Account - To export data into BigQuery you have to have a GA4 Google analytics account.

A BigQuery Project - To export your Analytics data into BigQuery you must have a BigQuery project in Google Cloud Console.

Steps to Export Data Into BigQuery

Now we take a look at how to connect a Google Analytics Account to Google BigQuery to export data into it.

Step 1. First of all go to and select the GA4 property which you want to connect with BigQuery.

Step 2. Now click on Admin and go to Property Section > Product Linking > BigQuery Linking.

Google Analytics Product Linking

Step 3. In the BigQuery linking section click on Link Button. After that click on Choose a BigQuery Project. Now select the BigQuery project where you want to export data and click on Confirm.

BigQuery Projects In GA4

Step 4. After selecting the project select the Data Location from dropdown and click on Next.

Step 5. Now in the configure setting there are two options: Data Streams and Frequency. These options are optional. You can choose what settings you want. Now click on Next and Submit.

Liking With Bigquery

See Your Data In BigQuery

After connecting both accounts your Google Analytics Data is exported into BigQuery on a regular basis.

To see your data go to BigQuery project there new dataset is created with a name analytics_propertyid . The exported data in bigquery in events format.

After exporting data into BigQuery you can analyze your data with other data like orders data, advertising reports etc. You can run SQL query on this data also. You can also visualise your data in Google Data Studio or any Power BI application.

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