Free Shipment Packing Template Version 2.0

E-Commerce Free Shipment Packing Template

If you are an e-commerce seller then you have to pack regular shipments. Workers make a lot of errors in packing shipment.

In this article i am going to share the new template of Shipment Packing Template that makes your error zero. To use this template your barcodes must have pasted on your products. If barcodes are not pasted on your products then go to this link and use this template -

Make a Copy of This Template

You can easily make a copy of this template by going to this link - Click Here
Or you can go to this link -

How to Use This Template

To understand how to use this template please watch this video in Hindi.

There are three sheets in this template - Packing List (1), Scan Items (2),Box Wise List (3)

  1. First of all set your box number list in Column G. There is already a list of 100 boxes . If you want to add more boxes you can do it by entering the box number in the same format.
  2. Paste your Barcode *, Item Code *, To Be Pack Quantity * in Sheet - Packing List (1).
  3. Now scan your barcodes in Column A in Sheet - Scan Items (2) .
  4. After scanning all items barcode , Your box wise list automatically created in Sheet - Box Wise List (3) .

Looking Mistakes in Shipment

This template is made for catching errors in shipment. So here is a list of how to find errors in the shipment.

  1. When you scan the wrong item, then a popup will appear that shows Please Scan Correct Barcode.
  2. The barcode * field automatically goes green after scanning all items that are needed.
  3. Until you scan all items your barcode * field remains orange in color . So you can easily check the remaining quantity.
  4. By mistake if you scan a barcode more times than needed , it automatically goes red in color. So you can catch errors hand to hand.

By this template you can pack your shipment without errors. You can easily pack your E-Commerce shipment like Amazon FBA Shipments, Flipkart Shipments and any other Warehouse Shipments. So go ahead and make a copy of this template free of cost and freely use this.


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