Add DATA In Google BigQuery by Uploading CSV File (Step By Step Guide)

Add DATA In Google BigQuery by Uploading CSV File

In This Post We Learn :

  • What Is BigQuery ?
  • Ways To Load DATA In BigQuery
  • Create a Project In BigQuery
  • Create Data Set In BigQuery
  • Create Table and Uploading CSV In BigQuery

What Is BigQuery ?

Google BigQuery is a product of Google Cloud Platform . BigQuery is a fully-managed data warehouse , here we can store data in well structured format . We can analyse petabyts of  tables through SQL. 

Ways To Load DATA In BigQuery

There are several ways to load data in BigQuery :
  • By Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • By Uploading a CSV File ( Upto 10 MB)
  • By Google Dive Or Goole Sheets
  • By Google Cloud Bigtable

Creating A Project In BigQuery

To crate a project in bigquery we must have a billing account of a google cloud storage . If you have a account go to this URL : .

To Create a new project in BigQuery Click on dropdown on top where existing project name is shown .

Select Project bigquery

Now click on New Project from thr top . After clicking on new project now enter the name of project (Can't be modified), organigation and location . After filling the details click on Create. Now your project hase been created in Big Query.

Create Project In BigQuery

Creating A DATASET In BigQuery

Before creating a table you have to create a data set in bigquery. Here is how to create a data set in BigQuery ?

To create a dataset open the project that you just have created by clicking on three dots and open . 

Now click on ➕ CREATE DATASET .

Create Dataset In BigQuery

After clicking on create dataset a new popup will open . Now fill the Dataset ID, Data Location, Default Table Expiration and Encryption. After selecting all the things click on Create Dataset in blue box. Now your dataset has been created.

Creating Dataset Bigquery

Creating Table and Uploading CSV to BigQuery

To crate a table or adding data into bigquery you have to open a dataset by clicking on open after three dots in dataset name. 

After opening dataset click on ➕ CREATE TABLE . After clicking on this a new popup will open :

In Source -

You have to select create table from Upload and Browse for CSV file from my computer and select file formate as CSV.

In Destination -

Check the project name and dataset name where you are creating a table . In Table Name enter the name of table.

In Schema -

You can mannualy add a table schema by adding a field or you can set it as auto detect.

Now other things leave as it is and click on Create Table.

Create Table In Google BigQuery

After doing this you CSV data table has been creted in Google BigQuery. Now you can analyse your table through standerd SQL or use this data in many places.

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